1/52: Friday Morning

I have  always admired the people who do the 365 photography projects. I absolutely love photography and I think it’s a gorgeous idea to visually chronicle your daily life. I think, like journaling and blogging, it provides a snapshot of you that otherwise disappears. The thing is, I’m not at the 365 stage. I’m not used to taking my camera around with me, for one. But also, I just don’t have time for a potentially intensive daily project like that. Not to mention there’s the simple issue of disconnecting internet at home. So what did occur to me was a 52 photogprahy project. Instead of posting daily photos, I’m going to create one post a week that contains photos taken by me with my modest Nikon Coolpix.

Today’s post is three snapshots of my weekday morning routine.

First things first, drop MutantBaby off at the daycare. Today was a good day because in the hand you can’t see, he’s clutching a Zhu Zhu pet for show and tell on Fridays.

After that, it’s a quick hop over to the train station for my commute to work. I love taking the train to work. It was a cold day today in South FL with the temperatures in the fifties. Yes, that’s cold for us.

Ah, the office. Quick stroll from the station, a ride up the elevator, and it’s time to get to it!

I had fun taking these photos. I have to say the mini documentary on the Sartorialist was a real motivator for me. Specifically, I was intrigued by his noting how special it was to have a visual exchange with the world on a daily basis.


3 thoughts on “1/52: Friday Morning

  1. I love this. As soon as I set my blog to private, I’m going to steal this idea. 300+ was too much for me but once a week, I could definitely do. As I get older, I get sad thinking about how: nothing ever stays the same and things fade away so quickly.

  2. Neat! It’s amazing how a few simple pictures can reveal so much about a person. I’ve been meaning to re-do my “about me” page and now I’m thinking that doing the whole thing in pictures could be interesting. Thanks for the idea!


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