It’s Got To Be The Glasses

Girls in glasses...

“Girls in Glasses” by Erica Fustero

Last week while on vacation, I discovered a tear in my left contact lens. They were my last pair of disposables and I’d stretched their use out for a few extra months. To the trash they went and on came the glasses. Glasses are not easy for me to wear. I have awful myopia and astigmatism and glasses only give me a sort of tunnel of good vision. But, that’s all I have right now and until I can get to a contact lens exam and get a new order in, that’s what I’ve got. So, I’ve been wearing my glasses. On Tuesday night, a boy on a train struck up a conversation with me and I felt as if he was sizing me up trying to figure out how old I was and whether or not he should make a move. He didn’t. I was relieved and somewhat flattered because he was so very, very young. Later that night at T-Mobile, the rep who helped me was very nice, chatty, and flattering. Instead of upgrading me or selling me on new contracts, he actually tried to do some things so my contract will be easier to downgrade next month and I’ll be able to get out of it completely in September. He flattered me by telling me I was too young to be a teacher when he found out I worked at the university. Not really, but thanks! And today as I walked to work, a guy crossing the street to my side walked past me and said, “Hello beautiful.” I looked around baffled. I was alone on the sidewalk. He may have said “Ay dios m¡o” but he didn’t look like a Spanish speaker.  The only thing about me that’s different is my glasses. Who knew? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like this sort of attention. I don’t mind chatting with anyone but it’s weird when I get the feeling they’re trying to work out my Dateability which would be zero. I like my Friend. I like where I’m at. I like where I’m going. But I still can’t help shaking my head.



12 thoughts on “It’s Got To Be The Glasses

      • I was super bummed when I finally broke down and admitted I was blind without them, I never wanted to wear glasses! Now I think I look weird w/o them. I hope you can get your contacts back so you can actually see!

  1. I wear glasses too and have never tried contacts as I can’t bare the thought of touching my eyes *shudder*
    I had a similar experience years ago when I’d just split with my ex and was back in London. As I went through the turnstiles at Victoria station some guy overtook me, and looked me straight in the eye ‘Nice arse’ that’s all he said and off he went. I was sooo flattered, makes me laugh now

  2. so funny – i just cracked my right contact lens 2 days ago. thank God i found a spare one in my drawer. i love wearing glasses but i don’t like how i can’t see well out of the corners. forget about driving in them. but i love how i look in them.
    i get a lot of compliments when i wear my glasses, i think men have this thing about women who wear glasses – you know that whole sexy, mysterious thing going on.
    and people always trying to sum up dateability? oh – that has been my story since i took off the wedding ring.
    damn. it’s amusing, but it kind of annoys me, especially when people really think they know you.

    • Exactly! I really do think they love the glasses– she seems innocent but not really. I’m actually going to try and order some replacement contacts because of the visibility. It really is kind of annoying

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  4. I love it!
    It always puts a spring in my step when I get picked up, whistled at or just a sweet look…I don’t care if the guy is 20yrs older than me! It just doesn’t happen enough, really.
    I recently retired my vintage chrome cat eye glasses for a more ‘normal’ pair. When my mom saw me she said, ‘why the hell would you pick out such an ordinary pair of glasses?’ Love you too Mom!


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