Music to Break Up & Get Over It With

On Etsy“Healing Heart Pendent” by RudeandReckless on Etsy

I had toyed with this idea from the moment I jumped into a car to go on a trip up North so I wouldn’t be around the weekend ExMutant moved out of the house. Music has always been my life. We’ve grown up with the concept of Soundtracks and we’ve all experienced that unique moment where we are in a moment and a song comes on and it just fits so perfectly. Breaking up is nothing new. The confusion, anger, doubt, and pity that bubble up in our souls when a relationship ends has been around since Adam and Eve had a little snack with a serpent. It doesn’t matter who initiates the end, who wants it more, who wants it less, an end is an end and it’s tough. But, it’s something everyone’s felt and everyone knows and therefore something many people have made music about. So, here are the songs I added into my Divorce Soundtrack on YouTube. I’m missing so many, I know. But this is a good start anyways and might give you a good glimpse of where I’ve been in the breakup process.

Sunshine Anderson “Heard it All Before”

Ciara “Never Ever”

John Legend “Used to Love You”

Beyonce “Irreplaceable” 

Andain “Beautiful Things”

Mary J Blige “Not Gon Cry”

Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone”

John Legend “Everybody Knows”

Gabriel & Dresden “Let Go”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Y Control”

Eric Benet “When You Think of Me”

Kid Cudi “Pursuit of Happiness”

The Roots “Now or Never”


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