WIP Wednesday: As Told by my Cell Phone Camera

I can always tell when I’m PMS’ing because I’m perpetually pouty and feel like I’m always right on the verge of throwing a terrific tantrum because absolutely everything is the suck. And this feeling doesn’t last a few hours, it sticks around for days frustrating the heck out of me. You know how people stamp the floor to shake the snow off them (at least that’s what I see in the movies, I wouldn’t know much about snow)? I wish I could do that with the garbage feelings I get during my PMS days. I had actually composed this entire post in my head on the drive to the daycare + train but I’ve completely forgotten 98% of it.

I know you’re thinking I’ve derailed the WIP Wednesday promised post and you’re possibly thinking I’m just a giant tease, luring you in with a tantalizing title about scrumptious crochet projects in the making to then just throw whiny material at you, but I promise you—I always deliver. So, just bear with me a moment because I have something amazing to share with you all.

This morning, there was ice on my windshield.

I was shocked. Yesterday, when I got in the car it was actually colder than it was today by one entire degree. There was no ice. This morning, I thought I saw little veiny cracks that looked like ice but my rational brain figured if it was warmer today than the day there was no ice, this was simply just dew like the day before. Wrong. I sprayed and wiped my windshield with the wipers and saw them just slide back and forth, doing little to nothing to the stuff on my windshield except shoving some of it to the side in clumps. Ice. Holy crap. Look at this crappy cell phone photo.

Icy South Florida

Do you see that? There is ice and, in the background, there is a palm tree. Unless it is in a bucket cooling some refreshing and delicious beverage, ice has no business sharing a photo with a palm tree. And because I am PMS’ing, I was completely irritated with how much of the suck it was that I had to get out of my car to go in the house to get warm water so that I would be able to see out of my windshield. I was not amused by the ice, I was just disturbed. That is now two Winters in a row this has happened.

And then I realized these people that are receiving crocheted Christmas gifts from me this year might just be more grateful than I’d originally anticipated because here, in South Florida, we life-long citizens have issues with Winter. Unless we’re savvy travelers, most of us don’t have much of those things so important to Winter Wardrobes. We don’t even know how to really make Winter Wardrobes except what we see in Movies which is why we wear winter coats, if we have them, when it’s 55 degrees outside. Many of us don’t own things like hats, scarves, or mittens and gloves. Heck many of us can’t even describe the difference between mittens and gloves.

So, while I was initially thinking of things like bags and dolls for some of the remaining gifts, I’m rethinking that idea and might do some more hats and other small warming projects. The only thing in the way of that is that I’d ordered lots of cotton yarn when I took advantage of the Joann’s sale a few weeks ago. So, I’ll be stash shopping the next few days and coming up with a plan of attack for what’s left. I’m crocheting a bit every day, working on Ravenclaw on my commute and working on the other projects at home. I finished one just the other day which you’ll see on Friday of course. So last night I began this little project (ignore the chipped nail polish por favor).

WIP Wednesday

I had to rip it back about six rounds in because it was obviously huge (when am I going to accept I’m a loose hooker? heehee), switched down to a G hook, and started over again. I’m a size 9. The pattern is intended for a women’s 7-8 which is exactly where the Intended Recipient falls. Right now, it looks much more like the many photos the pattern maker has. It still feels like it might a bit big but, from what I can see in the pattern, it’s like that and then you work the single crochet edging to tighten it up (correct me if I’m wrong please) so I’m just going to have some faith. This is going pretty quickly. My plan is to NOT include a button but instead make fabulously fluffy pom-poms because ‘tis the pom-pom season, didn’t you know?


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: As Told by my Cell Phone Camera

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I think we’ve all had those days/weeks that everything just seems to suck! I hope your day/week gets better and I look forward to seeing your project finished!

  2. I know how you feel. I’m in California and there was ice on my deck this morning, but it comes so rarely that I never knit myself any gloves or mittens! The slippers will be adorable, I like the color you are using.

  3. Sorry your PMSing. I’ll be there next week and I’m horrible.

    Great start to your slippers. Looking forward to see them finished.

    Hope your start to feel better.

  4. Ice on your windshield in Southern Florida is just wrong. I hope it warms up for you (…and here in New York for me, too, I can’t stand the cold but at least I’m expecting it and armed with warm clothes) soon.

    The single-crochet edging tightening up the slippers seems like it makes sense, so I hope it works out. They look really cute so far, the colours remind me of a calico cat.

    (Also, thank you for your excellent input about my penguin—it hadn’t occurred to me that more contrasty eye-circles would add to the owl effect by accentuating the eyes!)


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