FO Friday: B is for Butterfly and Bag

It’s FO (Finished Object) Friday! And I have two projects to show for it. I actually finished a third but it’s nothing special and I’m not totally pleased so I’m not posting it until I get it back from the little one, rip it, and redo it. THEN I will post it. It’s been really cold in South Florida lately and rumor has it, it’s going to be even colder next week! So I whipped up this sweet little hat for my daughter with some yarn I dyed many many moons ago (4 years ago apparently) with Kool-Aid.

Dyed Yarn

That bowl of tangled coloring yarn? Turned into this!

Butterfly Crocheted Hat

Awww my poor sick little monkey (verdict from the doctor: strep throat + outer ear infection). Managed to smile for me anyways though and that’s why I love her so. The hat is great. The pattern is wonderful. I worked this little thing up in about an hour. Easy, peasy!

So the other project I’ll be putting up for your enjoyment is the market bag you saw me start on last Wednesday!

Go Green Market Bag

I love this bag. I actually had finished it last Friday except that I’d seen this other lady’s take on the bag and I loved the idea of edging it. So I wanted to edge mine too! This bag makes me very happy. It is a great size- not too big, not too small and the CD on the bottom is brilliant. It gives the bag just a hint of structure and weight. If I was the kind of person that liked repeating patterns, this would definitely be the type of pattern worth repeating. I’m actually thinking of repeating it anyways because really, it’s excellent! Voila!

Crocheted Market Bag

Well, back to the hook I go! I’m still working on Christmas presents and having a fun time doing them. Two are going right now. I hope to finish one soon, maybe tonight even. The other I probably won’t work on much this weekend because I’ll probably see the Intended Recipient a bit. So instead I’ll likely begin something new, something blue.


13 thoughts on “FO Friday: B is for Butterfly and Bag

  1. Oooo, I love how your market bag turned out! I can’t wait to make myself one after the holidays. Making one for my mom inspired me.

    Your little girl is adorable, as is her hat. I hope she’s feeling better. Strep and ear infections are brutal.

    • Thanks!! Yes, these market bags are really great. It even feels super sturdy. Little girl is feeling much better I hear. She was with her dad this weekend but I talked to her on the phone and she sounds back to rambunctious 🙂

  2. I’m a little in love with that hat (and I love that you dyed the yarn with Kool-Aid! It looks amazing.), and the market bag came out great. I may need to try one, I like the idea of the CD adding some shape to it.

    • Dying yarn with kool aid is SO MUCH FUN. It smells yummy! And the bag is great. Really, it feels good on the arm. I’d really like to try and get in a couple more because I do think they are so practical.

  3. So you’re a Ravelry member too? I *love* that site, need to get to know it a little better. I am not completely familiar with some of its features. I’ve heard of Kool-aid dyed yarn but never saw it before. It looks pretty and fun, maybe I will try that after Christmas when I get my life back on a normal schedule.

    • Yes! I’m Mutantsupermodel on Ravelry as well. And yes, Ravelry is the best thing ever made for fiber fiends 🙂 They’re pattern browser is the most important thing to come out of the internet for knitters and crocheters in my opinion. And the forums are great for support and help!


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