WIP Wednesday: Ravenclaw Continues!

Just one project in progress this Wednesday evening. But that’s because I’m whipping through small projects too. That market bag from last week? Wait until you see it! I’m in love with it. I’m going to be browsing patterns tonight for my next gift inspiration and then get to work on that. But for right now, this very minute, the Ravenclaw Prisoner of Azkaban scarf is the only thing hooking. And yes, I totally love it. The navy color is gorgeous. And the yarn is smooshy soft although a bit splitty. I need better hooks to avoid the splitting. I just feel like these don’t clutch the yarn right. Granted, they’re my first set and standard issue Michael’s variety but still. Any recommendations on good grippy non-splitty hooks?Please excuse the phone photography. I was desperate to get something up today.

Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf- WIP


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Ravenclaw Continues!

  1. Aww, a Ravenclaw scarf. SO awesome!

    Can’t wait to see the market bag!

    I love my Susan Bates set. I originally used Boye, but they didn’t grip the yarn as well as I hoped, so I bought the Bates ones. I’ll never go back! You can get a set for about $11 at Michaels/Joann’s so they won’t break the bank. I’ve also heard great things about the Clover hooks.

      • mutant! you are awesome as always! im glad you are working on that scarf, it is coming along quite nicely. how long are you planning on making it? as for the hooks hon…. i use… walmart’s brand… :S whatever that is :S but thats besides the point, your blog is an inspiration as always.

  2. I think I’m going to join in on your WIP Wednesdays! I knit everyday but I bake so much I feel like there’s no time to post about it all lol. This week I’ve finished a pair of socks and two dishcloths. I am looking forward to your bag too! Are you on Ravelry??


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