FO Friday: 1 Skein Black Simply Soft + 1 Skein Teal Simply Soft

I tend to like Caron’s Simply Soft yarn. For one, it’s soft (duh) but also it has a nice sheen to it too which is really nice to have for some projects. I’d bought the black for a project I had in mind which I then scrapped. The teal I bought on a whim. But it worked out well. From the two skeins, I’ve whipped up three projects and easily have yarn for a fourth– maybe even a fifth. So, for this FO Friday I’ll be showing off what these two skeins have yielded so far.

First project was my first crocheted hat and I wanted something slouchy. I had a recipient in mind for this when I started so I knew I wanted it in the teal color. It’ll look nice with her skin and hair color is all I’m saying.

Slouchy Beret Hat

It was an easy project but no gauge was given and my first attempt was laughably large. I ripped it back to the increase rows, removed a few, and redid it. This is a much better fit but less slouchy than I’d have liked it. I was tired of the pattern already though so this is where it stays. I think it’ll suit the Intended Recipient just fine.

Crocheting hats is easy. Really easy. So I made another one. This one was also very easy and gaugeless. First attempt was also larger than needed so I ripped back and redid it. I’ve decided to avoid hat patterns that don’t include gauge as much as possible. The original pattern calls for a flower pin but I’m not sure it needs it.

Cute Vintage Hat

This is the kind of hat that makes me wish Christmas was over already because I want to make myself a slew of things. This hat is definitely one I’d like to have in lots of different colors with lots of flower pins to mix and match. Something else I’d love to make myself is a pair of fingerless gloves.

I actually tried knitting a pair a very long time ago but that was a disaster. So I was a bit nervous about crocheting a pair. No need to fret though. This was super easy. They came out a tad thicker than I’d have liked for myself but I think they’re really cute regardless. When I do make myself a pair, I’ll probably try it out with some sock yarn. More stitches, yes, but it’ll mean a thinner glove. Oh, one thing I did do with this was not switch up to a larger hook. Since I got to try this on as I went, I realized it was already fitting somewhat loosely so I decided to keep the hook the same and that really did wonders for fit.

Fingerless Gloves

See how cute they are? I’m actually looking for another fingerless glove pattern to use up the rest of my teal and black yarn. I might give a hat and glove set as a gift instead of just one item. Time will tell. By the way, I had an assistant in today’s glove photo shoot. He’s super gorgeous.

Super Cute


6 thoughts on “FO Friday: 1 Skein Black Simply Soft + 1 Skein Teal Simply Soft

  1. Wow, nice selection from your two skeins of yarn! Both hats are super cute, and I love the gloves. So funny that your hats both were big at first. I always seem to crochet hats WAY too small.

  2. How wonderful to have a set with two hats… to match whatever mood you’re in. Never seen a crocheted beret/slouch hat. I think I like the look better than knitted. And the turq and black looks great!


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