Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving today. I appreciate those of you who’ve taken the time to read my blog and/or leave your input. I’ve been writing online in one form or another for years but this blog seems to be the most in line with what I’ve always wanted to create. So thank you so much for your help in getting me there.

The kids and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house this year. We’ve switched from my Mother’s house because last Thanksgiving was the last one my Abuelo was with us for. My Mom doesn’t want to bring back memories for my grandmother but I also get the feeling it’s for her too. After dinner, my Mom is taking the kids to her house because they’ve been begging to spend the night with her again. They’ve been doing this more often lately. For me, this is a giant help but I can’t help but wonder if my Mom is really getting a kick out of it too. As children, she used to leave us at her Mother’s house on a weekend night and we always loved it.

I am planning on attacking a Toys R Us for a Black Friday deal on a play kitchen and netbook computer. However, I’ve been reading on a local Mom’s forum about last year’s Black Friday at the local Toys R Us stores and am not very optimistic. Hopefully it will come through. Otherwise, it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll just have to try to score a good deal before Christmas another way. I’ve never been one to really go for the Black Friday insanity but I am very much trying to do the best I can with a very tight budget and this seems the best deal so far.

But, before I fast forward to Christmas, I want to stop and take a moment to reflect on the things I am so grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday. So please bear with the ensuing potential sap.

Thank you for my Grandmother who is so much like a Guardian Angel on earth. She always comes through for my children and me as best as she possibly can. She is the type of woman to never disappoint and I adore her.

Thank you for my Mom, Dad, and brothers who go above and beyond always when it comes to family. In my case, family is definitely number one. They are, have been, and will always be there for me. In my case, it’s the truth– there is nothing more reliable and dependable than family.

Thank you for my friends– a tighter circle every day. Each fills a unique need in my soul and I’m happy they’re there. I don’t need much and this definitely shows when it comes to those I hold close to my heart.

Thank you for my job which includes understanding bosses, supportive co-workers, good pay and benefits, and an exciting environment.

Thank you for my health which, despite the past four or five weeks of one illness or discomfort after another, is overall great. I know what it means to not have great health, seeing it for myself constantly in my workplace, and I’m lucky to be able to be active in my life and my kids’ life.

Did you think I forgot? I didn’t.

Thank you for my kids. Thank you so, so, so much for my kids. Ten years ago, I would never have fathomed the life I have today. Sometimes, I still don’t really believe my life is indeed my life. But, my kids are just astonishing creations. They’re beautiful inside and out. They’re unafraid to love fully and completely. They’re fragile and yet fearless. They are my beacon and my guides when I’m lost or confused. While in many ways I do feel that I am still searching and wandering, at least now I have three strong reasons to do and not do.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving everyone. Remember, no matter how dark and dreary life may be there is always something positive and worth celebrating. Always.


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