WIP Wednesday: Short and Fingerless

I got a lot of crocheting done this past weekend, so while my FO Friday post should be quite full, my WIP Wednesday post is quite brief. The only WIP project I have at the moment are these fingerless gloves:

Stripes & Shells Fingerless Gloves

These are pretty much done, all that’s left is weaving in the ends of one pair and I can call them “Finished”. They are a little bit chunkier than I thought they would be and something is not quite right with the pattern I don’t think but I can’t figure it out and I don’t care. I did modify it by not upping the hook size to make sure they stayed fitted and didn’t get even chunkier. My gauge was just a tad bit bigger than the pattern but not enough to warrant going down another hook size. Keeping the hook the same kept the gloves nice and snug. Since they’re a gift for someone else with thin hands, I think this will work out quite well.

I also made more progress on the Tentacle Cape last night but completely forgot to take a picture because I started feeling sick (again!), took Nyquil, and passed out. The cape is extremely tedious because the tentacles are single and double crochet for inches and inches and inches. I honestly wasn’t planning on working on it much except that Joann has a yarn sale right now which I took advantage of to stock up on some additional yarn for Christmas projects. Especially attractive parts of the sale? Lion Brand Wool Ease and Jiffy are on sale for 50% off. Also, I found if you enter the code PIA342 you get free shipping on orders over $35. And that means you can get Express Shipping for only $10 if you’re really in a bind. So, because I took advantage of this sale to stock up on Wool-Ease and Sugar ‘n Cream Super Size, I’m not buying more yarn. That means if I want to do more Christmas crocheting, I need to use my stash in the meanwhile which is great but I’m feeling uninspired mostly. I am trying to picture this necklace in a variegated sock yarn I have and this poncho in a variegated bulky yarn but I haven’t cast on yet. So maybe I’ll work on that cape more than I’d planned after all– at least until the yarn arrives. OR inspiration strikes. I do have some time off this week so we’ll see.

Do you have any stash-busting strategies that I might want to consider?


14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Short and Fingerless

  1. I love those fingerless gloves, the colour and pattern are awesome. I’ve been starting and then just ripping out a lot of different fingerless gloves patterns lately, maybe I’ll give these a try.

    Also, the idea of a tentacled baby cape has little cartoon hearts floating around my head. *Amazing* idea.

  2. I love the color of your gloves. Yarn sales are hard to stay away from, aren’t they? They have another sale at Joann’s starting tomorrow for Black Friday. I have coupons on top of the sale, so I’m a little nervous I won’t be able to resist!

  3. I like your gloves, great colors. In terms of dealing with the stash, I sometimes go to the yarn search feature on ravelry. I type in the name of some yarns in my stash and click on project ideas. It’s always interesting to see what projects pop up. There’s always a few that inspire me to use up the stash.


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