FO Friday First Time

Here is my first FO Friday post where I get to show off anything I’ve finished this week. Since I didn’t think or plan ahead much, this is just craft-related. Behold!

This is Gilbert, a very scrubby former potholder converted to washcloth (thank you to everyone’s input on Wednesday on that by the way). Gilbert was an interesting adventure. First I read the instructions wrong and stopped working evenly way too soon and had a smooshed Gilbert. Then, I made two very uneven Gilberts that did not like each other and made a very smooshy, ugly pot holder not suitable for giving. So I ripped them apart forever and christened Gilbert a wash cloth. He is scrubby and yummy and adorable. Also adorable?

Shroomie, of course! You got a peek of Shroomie Wednesday but really, I just have to say she’s magnificent. I want to keep her! I almost made the exact same mistake with Shroomie that I made with Gilbert and didn’t read the last line on the pattern correctly where it says Rows x – x work evenly. I just saw Row x and stopped. But once I got that fixed up, Shroomie was smooth. Now, in the washcloth vs. potholder debate Shroomie has me confused. I feel like maybe she’s too big and unwieldy for a washcloth and really is better suited as a potholder. What say you?

Well for a first time at FO Friday, this went well. Hopefully this will keep me focused through the holidays as I keep tackling gifts. Right now, I’m working on a really gorgeous hat that I thought I had a chance at finishing in time for today but it’s going to have to wait until next Friday!


5 thoughts on “FO Friday First Time

    • I’d say it gets about as boring as riding a bike. The scenery always changes right? Same thing with making things. Each pattern is different, the yarn is different, even the hook sizes are different.


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