Quiet Thoughts

The brain is sort of quiet right now. I’m really tired from the conference. I know we wrapped up Saturday but it feels like I’m still recovering. There are very many loose ends to tie up now and those have me preoccupied. I’m taking this Thursday and Friday off so it’ll be nice to enjoy a short week.

Personally, I feel my reclusive self coming on. I think it has to do with the holidays. Or maybe I’m just drained from being surrounded by people last week. Either way, all I really want to do is sink into soft surfaces like beds and sofas and watch movies. That’s the number one indicator I’m not myself– I don’t want to read or craft, I want to watch movies. I do think I tend to go through this quite regularly so it’s not as unnerving as it used to be. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you should be keeping a journal or blog or whatever there’s one more perk– you have the opportunity to really see what habits you have and what your preferences are. This reminds me I’d like to get MutantEldest a journal of some sort for Christmas. He writes well enough to support one and I think it’s an important habit to have that too many people have left behind. Reading and writing, like anything else you want to excel at, take practice.

On the crafty front, I haven’t picked up my crochet hook in over a week. I’d been trekking along on a pair of legwarmers but now I think I may have to put them aside. They’re taking way too long and I have other projects to do for the holidays. I might be deluding myself but I want to make a few sets of dishtowels and a wine bottle bag for my brother. I’d love to make one for my uncle as well but Christmas is 45 days away.

Other than a journal for MutantEldest, I’m sort of clueless on what to get the kids for Christmas. I want to get them on bicycles and MutantDaughter keeps going gaga over every pink or princess themed bike we see in stores so I think it’d be a hit for her. The thing is, the bikes I’m seeing that have good reviews are between $70 and $100. That would pretty much take up most of my budget. Meanwhile, perusing Toys R Us’ website shows me I’m a big kid too for wanting this, this, and this too.


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