WIP Wednesday

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon that is the Work in Progress Wednesday thing because I’m on this whole goal making and meeting thing and putting yourself out there is always a good motivation to not fail (fail = epic humiliation = not fun). I’ve begun crocheting Christmas gifts and those have a deadline so I’m determined to see this through to the finish. For one relative, I have begun a smooshy, soft throw using Vanna’s Choice yarn. This thing goes fast. It’s averaging me about 7 minutes a row after taking forever on that first row. I’m exactly a third of the way through this one.

The other thing on the hook is a set of leg warmers for someone who may or may not read this blog. Needless to say, they are so pretty-looking and the yarn is very soft. This pattern in particular is laced up with ribbon for a really pretty look and good fit. I’m excited about them. This pattern in particular has had a super meditative effect on me. Zonks me out completely.

The other WIP is the Monster Cape which I did take a picture of on my actual camera which is sitting in my actual house somewhere. I knew I shouldn’t have tried for anything fancy and just stuck with the phone. Oh well. Three more tentacles to go plus the hat. It. Will. Happen.

In other happenings, things are well. I like to try and make a note of that whenever I realize it because when things turn sour, I tend to just forget that for the most part life is pretty smooth and shiny. It’s true so why pretend otherwise? I work really hard to have a content life, I think I should take a moment and acknowledge that my hard work does indeed pay off for the most part. That’s one thing about this job: there are lots of tiny little fragile reminders of how lucky I am.

MutantEldest is following in his dear momma’s footsteps and turning into a complete and total bookworm. This is being completely encouraged by his daily homework assignment of reading for 15 minutes. He’s absolutely inhaling books. I was reading Phantom Tollbooth to him but it’s hard to do this often because he really likes reading his own things too. It’s just amazing seeing him grow. You know when you’re a kid and everyone’s always freaking out about “Oh my goodness you’re so big!”? And you’re like “Whatever freak”? I understand the freaks! I just looked at MutantEldest the other day and did a double-take. It was as if I was seeing him for the first time in ages. SO big– not just physically but all-around bigness.

Oh, I’m on Facebook! I do hope you’ll come and “like me” on there because that’d be nice. But I also understand if you don’t.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Loving your hookiness – cannot believe how quick that throw is growing (my eyes bulged a little when you said you were doing a ghrow for Christmas, til I saw how much you had done already)!

    Kids, eh, they always surprise us.

  2. I liked you on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter, I’ll just chase you around the internet, ok? 😉

    I can’t crochet, I can knit like nobody’s business, but I can’t crochet. I’m still pretty jealous that you made that little toy for your friend’s baby. Sooooo painfully cute, I love it.

    It’s hard when life throws something difficult at us to remember that everything is pretty good otherwise. You soak up the good times!!

    • Yay for internet chasing!

      I was like you– I could knit but just could not “get” crochet though I tried over and over. Then I thought since I learned how to knit from Stich n Bitch, maybe I’d learn to crochet from their sister book Happy Hooker. And I did. And now it’s just awesome. The toy was so fun to make! I can’t wait for Christmas to end so I have more time to make more little snugglies.

  3. Hello there MSM!
    Sorry to hear you also missed the meeting about How To Be A Funky 30-Something. I was probably cleaning my dentures or polishing my zimmerframe at the time. However, careful perusals of such televisuals gems as ‘Sex and the City’ or re-runs of ‘Friends’ suggest that I really ought to be nibbling organic lettuce like a botoxed bunny in a hip’n’happening downtown eaterie, or getting into bar-room brawls to get my mitts on the latest designer handbag. Woe is me (well, us, by the looks of things.) We have failed, failed utterly. Back to the crochet, then.


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