Weekend Update

Oh darlings what an odd Monday it’s been. And here we are in the 4 o’clock zone. How on earth did that happen I ask you? I am completely sleep deprived. I feel that’s important to note. I may have gotten two and a half hours last night. Naughty. But not because I was being naughty or else I’d be in very high spirits. Boo.

How was your weekend? Mine was quite nice actually. I took the children to the aforementioned gelato place. It was delicious and fun but I couldn’t help feel we overstayed our welcome. Three small children is very overpowering in a small space, FYI. And mine are generally well-behaved but well, one of them IS a two year old and they don’t have high chairs. What do you expect? I tipped GRANDLY. I also sprung for a big breakfast outing the next morning at a genuinely kid-friendly diner by my house that makes the best most giantest pancakes ever. The kids hardly ate. Dear children, when MutantMommy takes you out to eat and pays money for it– eat for the love of god. Especially when it’s spectacularly junky food like pizza, gelato, or chocolate chip pancakes.

Later that day I set about making this most heavenly carnitas recipe with a few tweaks (splashed bitter orange on the pork before salting, then added another bitter orange to the water covering the pork plus substituted cinnamon stick for 1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon and threw in some sliced onions). It smelled like Cuban Christmas Eve in my house. It’s a smell that makes me happy. Amongst the cooking I did some cleaning and picking up and Halloween decorating and watching of The Last Airbender (so cool!) and running amok in the apparently quite neglected park across the street. It was just a very nice day. Until I watched the poor Hurricanes get destroyed by those skanky Seminoles. I guess it’s payback for the abuse my cousin endured at my hands the week before as her precious UF was spanked and pillaged by Alabama.

Yesterday involved more cleaning, a trip to my mom’s house with the children, and a visit from my cousin. I think I’ve decided to not do the garage sale after all. I donated a bunch of big toys to my grand aunt yesterday and I just don’t care to have people milling on my front lawn again haggling the day away. Did I mention MutantBaby gave MutantDaughter a startling black eye by smacking her with the handle part of a play sword? Yes all weaponry was gathered and donated while the children bathed. Sorry kids, we’ll try again in a couple years if you’re still into beating each other senselessly with plastic.

I am addicted to podcasts. My favorite, currently, is This American Life. Which, I strongly suggest listening to “Fear of Sleep” Act 1 if in need of major giggles.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Oh man!! Those plastic sword related injuries never get old! My oldest (then 7 year old) poked my middle (then youngest, she was just 2) in the eye with a plastic sword while I was at the store and had left them with a HOUSE FULL of aunties. I my sister and 4 of my girlfriends were there. I got back and all of the aunties were freaking out (none of them have kids of their own lol). We still have swords, but I hide them in the regular! Also, cuban Christmas eve sounds delish!!


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