The alarm clock scared the heavens out of me. And I seriously had to force myself from my bed. In the shower, I squirted shampoo in my hand and stared at it wondering “What is this pink stuff and what am I supposed to do with it?” It was after I threw on some Beatles on my stereo things changed and I had a pretty efficient morning. Until I pulled in the daycare and realized I’d forgotten not only the diapers they requested but also changes of clothes for MutantBaby who they are attempting to potty train (good luck with that). Then it was downhill and I’ve just been dealing with what can best be described as Mental Mush. I’m having severe issues following any worthy train of of thought for more than a few minutes at a time. So, I think it’s a good time to go over some goals.

MutantSupermodel Life Goals as of October 8, 2010:

  1. Try the money envelope system September 30, 2010 for three months (December 31, 2010). [Um, ok so… this hasn’t actually happened. More on this in a bit.]
  2. Create a Christmas budget by October 15, 2010 and stick to it. Must include supplies for gifts to be made which means projects must be decided on. [I started to figure out what projects I’m going to do. Now I have to figure out cost. This week will definitely be budget-oriented.]
  3. Update the blog at least once a week for the next four weeks (October 22, 2010). [So far, so good eh?]
  4. Complete requested crocheted baby cape by October 27, 2010. [Three tentacles done. Three to go plus the hat.]
  5. Prepare for a garage sale in late November/early December 2010. [I am back to being undecided on this. I just really don’t want to go through the trouble of selling anything.]
  6. Commit to another reading project for 2011 and have details worked out by December 15, 2010.
  7. Send Christmas cards Friday, December 17, 2010.
  8. Complete MutantEldest’s Mario Bros. blanket by December 25, 2010. [Still not sure about this. I don’t think it’ll happen by Christmas with all the other projects going. ]
  9. Complete 26 in 2010 project allowing for 5 substitutions (i.e. skipping certain letters) by December 31, 2010. [There’s just no way this is happening. I suck at goals!]
  10. Continue tracking spending in Excel for the next four months (January 31, 2011). [Still at it. I have such a fancy sheet too. It can be depressing seeing the money go away.]
  11. Have registration fees ready to be paid by February 15, 2011 so my parents don’t have to pay it again. [I have no idea how to make this happen yet short of a Christmas miracle. And yes I know you’re thinking “Duh garage sale” but it’s not going to make me anywhere near the $2700 I’ll need. ]
  12. Go on a family trip in the next six months (March 2011) and a kid-free trip in the six months after that (October 2011). [If I can’t figure out the registration fees how do I expect to do this? This requires priority evaluation.]
  13. Re-commit to doing laundry every other day for the next six months (March 25, 2011). [I am trying, I swear. And while I am definitely not letting it rot indefinitely, I am not doing it every other day either. And I keep forgetting to fold it. And to put it away. All of those steps were part of my original system so why can’t I get into the swing of things?]
  14. Continue planning Girls’ Night for next six months (April 2011). [Last one was really fun. The next one may have to be at the hotel I have the convention at.]
  15. Lose 12 pounds in 12 months (September 25, 2011). [There is an interesting program offered here for exercise and weight loss. I’m intrigued but I’m still struggling with the time commitment.]
  16. Pay off credit cards by December 2011, one month ahead of schedule. [Once the registration fee is handled and I’ve gotten a hang of my new paychecks, I’m going to re-evaluate how much I send the credit card companies and how much more I can throw at them.]

Ok about the envelopes. I hate them, ok? I just freaking hate them. Stupid paper rectanlges of forbidding. Mocking me with their emptiness. Seemingly chanting “Nyah nyah you can’t buy that cause I’m empty cause you’re irresponsible and can’t pace yourself.” That’s what they say about me behind their backs I know it. So I hate them. And I hate going to the ATM and taking out cash too. And then breaking it up into small piles to put into stupid paper rectangles of forbidding.

Know what? I’m not in a great mood at all actually. So I think I’m just going to step away from the blog before I contaminate it with my ugly moodiness.


3 thoughts on “Haze

  1. You seem so organised compared to my list! My to do list that’s pinned to my wall got so depressing that I put things like “Make cup of tea” and “brush teeth” on there just to get a few extra ticks on there! Hahaha, that sounds so sad!

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