Getting Crafty With It

I blame the holidays. That’s the only explanation I have really. That and babies. They’re the two things that make my fingers itch to create. I’ve been toying with crochet a lot the past couple of months. My first project was a flowered scarf for MutantDaughter from the book Happy Hooker.

When I finished it, I was shell-shocked at how fast it’d gone. Since then I’ve made a bun cover for my little ballerina. Actually, two but she only wears the pink one.

 And I also made a little stuffed bunny for my friend’s baby.

I also made my brother’s girlfriend a scarflet because in South Florida a real scarf is sort of a mockery.

And while making these little things, I’ve been working on a monster. My friend made this illustration for their baby shower and after I gave him a gift of a dress I’d knit he asked me what it would take to make a cape like the one in his illustration.

Of course I told him it’d cost nothing, I’m honored to make something like this really. We talked about it and he drew up this sketch to demonstrate what he had in mind. And so it was that a month ago (September 9) I began the cape. And I’m still at it. I have the cape done and two and a half of the tentacles. I think it needs six. The cape was easy peasy. It’s the tentacles that are absolutely killing me.

I have made them insanely long so that they basically reach the floor if you are carrying the baby. I did this so that they would easily drape from a stroller like the illustration, or so they could be entwined around one of the lucky parents when they take their pictures. So, although the desired effect so far is being achieved, it is very tedious going.

Anyways, last night I took a break from the crochet and inspired by several posts and images I’d seen across the internet I made myself a little garland to bring Halloween cheer to my desk using some ancient scrapbook paper stashed from when that was my hobby of choice, a square punch, and some bright craft thread- oh and starry sequins. Because you can’t have a Happy Halloween without a little sparkle.

 Ah flourescent lighting. You’re so romantic.

P.S. WordPress is showing me this is my 100th post. Yay!


3 thoughts on “Getting Crafty With It

  1. I love your blog!

    That cape sounds most interesting and I am excited to see your result.

    Lovely projects and the halloween garland is such fun!

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