Mutant Goals

Well, this turned out to come to fruition a lot sooner than I’d expected. I just got thinking about things I would like to do that are somewhat measurable and in the short to mid-term range. The fingers started typing and out came a list of 17 goals which I tried to make as SMART as possible.

I think perhaps I could do some more thinking and generate some goals that are more long-term in their nature but right now, I’m having a tough time with those.

As you will see, one of my goals does relate directly to the blog. I think if I keep revisiting my goals, at the very least through this blog, I have a better chance of keeping them in focus and therefore give them less of a chance to wander off.

Without further ado, I present

 MutantSupermodel Life Goals as of September 20, 2010:

  1. Spend 15 minutes in each room searching for items to donate to the Veterans pick-up on September 29, 2010.
  2. Try the money envelope system September 30, 2010 for three months (December 31, 2010).
  3. Create a Christmas budget by October 15, 2010 and stick to it.
  4. Update the blog at least once a week for the next four weeks (October 22, 2010).
  5. Complete requested crocheted baby cape by October 27, 2010.
  6. Schedule monthly donations pick-ups starting October 29, 2010 for the next six months (March 29, 2011).
  7. Commit to another reading project for 2011 and have details worked out by December 15, 2010.
  8. Send Christmas cards Friday, December 17, 2010.
  9. Complete MutantEldest’s Mario Bros. blanket by December 25, 2010.
  10. Complete 26 in 2010 project allowing for 5 substitutions (i.e. skipping certain letters) by December 31, 2010.
  11. Continue tracking spending in Excel for the next four months (January 31, 2011).
  12. Have registration fees ready to be paid by February 15, 2011 so my parents don’t have to pay it again.
  13. Go on a family trip in the next six months (March 2011) and a kid-free trip in the six months after that (October 2011).
  14. Re-commit to doing laundry every other day for the next six months (March 25, 2011).
  15. Continue planning Girls’ Night for next six months (April 2011).
  16. Lose 12 pounds in 12 months (September 25, 2011).
  17. Pay off credit cards by December 2011, one month ahead of schedule.

P.S. Cheerleaders are welcome. Apply via the comments 😉


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