Vacation’s End

Well, my blog vacation went well past my life’s vacation and I hadn’t really counted on that. It does seem to be what happens when life really gets going apparently and that’s exactly what’s been going on since you saw me last. I started my new job, turned 30, got a dramatic haircut, became a regular user of public transportation, emptied my savings, deleted my Facebook account, stripped internet off my phone, and welcomed the kids back from their first day of school. Lots of things have happened and really only one has been negative-ish.

Part of me wants to rush right in and tell you about absolutely everything right here right now. But a much larger part of me is so exhausted that it can’t even focus on a starting point. However, now that I sit on a train about 40 minutes each day and get to take peaceful lunch breaks (most days), I’ll do some writing in my paper notebook and update as I can. I would have loved to have been able to use some of my hard-earned money towards repairing my laptop but other things came into play this month and swooshed it all away in one fell swoop. I’ll give you more info on that whole happening in a future post. It is the one thing that I am unhappy about this month, but there is nothing I can do about it at this point.

Well, I’m off to fold my daily laundry. I’m putting my home control methods back into play now that school and the routine it brings is back into play.


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