New Chapter: Career

Well, this week I write the last few pages of another chapter in my career as I end my days at the elevator company. In a couple of weeks, I will begin working at the med school of the local university. I am really excited about the change for a million and one reasons. Here are some of my top pros about the new job:

  • Higher Purpose. My job has an actual purpose that does not mainly focus on fattening already fat wallets belonging to a bunch of white dudes. I get to contribute to a program that educates doctors around the world on how to help at-risk babies. That? Is completely awesome.
  • Amazing benefits. Most notably, 100% college tuition for my dependents after ten years of service. Yes, please. Rumor has it they also fund 100% of tuition for some Masters programs. That’s for me thank you very much.
  • Interesting, educated people. I’ll be working with two insanely experienced, dedicated, and amazing pediatricians. On top of that, their staff are all “lifers”, women, and amazingly nice. Not to mention that I will be working with several doctors as I get them through the process of enrolling in and completing the program.
  • Gorgeous work environment— kind of. Ok so my actual desk is in a little cubicle with no window to speak of. Not a HUGE difference from now on except I’ll actually have privacy. However, the huge boost is the place the office is located in. Right now, my office is in a scary warehouse compound. Our ancient office building is enclosed in barbed wire fencing. The new building is on a medical campus that is very pedestrian-friendly. I will actually have to walk back and forth between the hospital and the office building because one of the doctors is stationed in the hospital. This seriously excites me.
  • Possible public transportation opportunities. I have to look into this a little bit but the Medical campus has its own stop on the rail system and my son’s daycare is just a few blocks from another one. Once I settle in and feel good about my routines, I’ll definitely try it. Plus once the baby is done with daycare next year, it’s likely I’ll have even more options. Maybe I can even bike to a rail station! Where I’m at now, public transportation is simply a huge headache and hassle that isn’t worth the trouble.
  • And the number one pro as far as my Mother is concerned? Why doctors of course!

The process has been long and tedious– I started it back in April believe it or not and today I had to rush over to have my first of two TB screenings read. But, I am really excited about the whole thing. The people there have also been really enthusiastic since meeting me and that’s been refreshing. Let’s just say here, a lot of people are intimidated by me. I’ve pretty much been a total recluse here. That’s been a good thing but now that I’m on this new life voyage, I’m becoming interested in meeting people and forming friendships. Working at the University definitely allows me significantly more opportunities to do that than the elevator company. The most intriguing aspect is that the program will largely be for me to mold. They want the event to grow and grow which means as the coordinator, I get to grow and grow. I’m pretty sure the first couple of years aren’t going to be like that, and that’s ok. I like learning things, getting acquainted, and feeling comfortable before charging ahead full-force. In this company, I’ve never felt the freedom to really go wild despite the ridiculous amount of knowledge and respect I’ve gathered and that’s been pretty stifling. The difference, I think, will be mostly that the University wants changes and the elevator company doesn’t.

I haven’t made much of a thing about it here even though I desperately want to. I just don’t know if it’s appropriate I guess and that has me sort of baffled but also uninterested. I told a couple of people I care about and a couple of people it affects have approached me about it but that’s it. Regardless, I’m a very happy lady.


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