Get it done & why can’t I keep my own rules in place?

Today’s Thursday which means it’s time to run around like a crazy person, or semi-crazy if you’ve done a good job organizing and prepping, and get all kinds of things done today. Maybe you need to do groceries, or drop off lots of stuff at Goodwill, or shop for school supplies, or pick up uniforms, or pick up library books. Whatever your tasks, today’s a day to focus on getting them out of the way. Goodwill is on my list today and I’m toying with the idea of groceries plus I need to put gas in my car (first time since the 4th!). Those last two mean budget-reviewing and, in the case of groceries, sale reviewing, coupon clipping, and list-making.

For some reason, I keep switching my Office from Quadrant 4 to Quadrant 1 and back again. I don’t know if it’s because it drives me crazy so I want to always keep it in focus or what but it does NOT belong to Quadrant 4. That being said today is the last day of Quadrant 4 (Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Play Room) for a few weeks. The play room needs work so I’ll spend time in there after bed time. I’m still working on the bigger project that will replace the lists I make for the Quadrants. If I finish today, I’ll update this post to reflect it. Otherwise, just be patient please 🙂


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