Towel Toss Today

Not one sheet got changed in my house yesterday. I blame the cold that began appearing yesterday and has slammed into me full-blown over the hours today. I was disoriented yesterday and my harmonious timing went out the window. I got so caught up in dinner (chicken katsu) I completely forgot to start the laundry until it was too late. So, today I have to pay for yesterday’s spacey moment and do a major linen overhaul. It’s ok though, I have a weird adoration of fresh laundry and linens.

Meanwhile, I’m down to the last couple of days in Quadrant 4 (Office, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Play Room). Yesterday I did 15 minutes in the home office despite lots of inner whining. Big difference in there after such little time. That’s the beauty of these little de-cluttering power bursts. The entire time you’re just WAITING for that timer to buzz you to a halt but it just doesn’t come and when it does you’re a little freaked out it took so long to get here.  Today,  I’m going to skip my suggested list of area-related cleaning projects because I have a bigger, better idea in mind. I’d like to work on it tonight if I have the chance but if not, I can promise you’ll see it very soon. Not sure where I’ll end up today for clean up. I’m thinking the laundry room will be nice to work in today and maybe I won’t forget to actually start the load this time.


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