New Week = New Bed Sheets

One of my favorite parts of my day is slipping beneath the covers, even if it’s alone– especially if it’s alone, most times. Today’s the day to swap out the old sheets with fresh ones. I believe there’s something sort of indulgent about frequently changing your home’s linens especially when you have children. Something about the fresh laundry smell is like an extra kiss goodnight (in my head at least).

Today we’re still going through Quadrant 4 (Kitchen, Office, Laundry Room, Play Room). I did a lot of work in my kitchen over the weekend and it shows (and smells) which makes me happy. Also makes me hesitant to use my kitchen but that’s another story. I’m still torn on where I’ll end up today as I need to work in my office but hate doing so (it’s HOT in there) but I’d like to work in the laundry room which has become quite cluttered. Here are some of the detailed cleanings I did in the kitchen that you might need to do too:

  • Detail sweep and mop
  • Wash all surfaces thoroughly including: baseboards, walls, cabinet doors, counter tops, appliances, back splash, pantry door, and trash can
  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer

If you’re curious about the housekeeping system I’ve put together, click here to find out more.


One thought on “New Week = New Bed Sheets

  1. oh my goodness! thi is what you meant about your own system! lol. ill have to go chekc it out after im done moving. thanks for sharing =)


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