New Chores + Random Thinkings

It’s  Friday again. How I love Fridays. My car is in desperate need of attention. Summer camp is wreaking havoc on the poor thing. My purse is alright since MutantDaughter and I made a game of emptying it out last night while MutantEldest did his karate thing. Today I start work on Quadrant 4 (Playroom, Kitchen, Office, Laundry Room) aka the bane of my existence. I have a hard time getting excited about cleaning up this area because it’s by far the most daunting for me to do as it’s the most cluttered and the most hot– weird I just noticed that. So I’ll be stuck de-cluttering some more. I’m determined to get out more crap. I’m trying to motivate myself by reading Unclutterer. But alas, I’m tired and somewhat cranky and would very much like to do little more than curl up on a sofa and do more knitting on Blossom while watching Marilyn Monroe movies.

In other news, today is officially over a week on the Spending Diet. It’s also the first kid-free weekend on the diet. It’s a bit interesting how things are starting to change for me. One, I am pleased looking at my bank account and seeing a couple hundred bucks sitting in there instead of the usual close to nothing or under nothing amounts. I’ve also noticed it’s not that hard saying “No” right now. I still think about money a lot. Yesterday I foolishly left all of my food at home and warred with myself the entire drive to work debating whether or not I should get breakfast. I didn’t. And when lunch time came, I took my free medium fries ticket thing to McDonald’s and paired it with a filet-o-fish. Paid $2.99 but it filled me up and that’s all I cared about. So far, I have my spending down to an average of $16.80 a day, a lot lower than the $24.71 pace I had just a couple days ago. To be at budget though, I need to make it down to $11.29 a day. Also in stark contrast to the last update on the diet, I’m a lot more comfortable with the process. And I am at the stage where I’m wondering if it’d be able to repeat next month, at least in some modified version as I will be celebrating my 30th birthday come August. I’m even wondering how I can take this and make it more the way I do things on a long-term basis despite the fact there’s a little voice in my head screaming all the ways it’d like to blow all that money I’m saving up.


6 thoughts on “New Chores + Random Thinkings

  1. oh how wonderful! ive too have been reading some of your posts. have you heard about fly lady? she is awesome and gives great tips on uncluttering. ive been trying to be a “flybaby” for a few years now. i never get discouraged even though i can never keep up completely, lol. she is amazing! and guess what, i also cleaned out my purse with my daughter last night, lol. ive really enjoyed your blog. it is very nice =)

    • Funny enough, yes I’ve tried FlyLady. And I’m grateful to her for giving me a good foundation but in the end, I went and created my own system. I got your email and am waiting for a moment to respond. 🙂

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