Tuesday: Towels & Quadrant Two Plus Confessions

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Confession time: I fell off my schedule the week my kids were with their grandparents and this weekend I was paying the awful price. It was a hard lesson in why routines are so important. Breaking housekeeping down into small manageable projects only works if you keep at them. It’s incredible how quickly everything falls apart and how hard you have to work to catch up and stay up. I’m pretty burnt out so I’m going back to basics this week and sticking to a strict schedule until I feel the flow again.

Today is Tuesday so it’s the day to tear down the old towels and put up the new clean ones. By the way, did you catch my post on an interesting Laundry product the other day? I really recommend the Purex 3-in-1. I’ve been using it all weekend catching up on laundry (yup I even let that one slip) and I’m really pleased with it.

Today we are still working in Quadrant One (Dining Room, Living Room, Porch, Entry) so if you’ve de-cluttered the area:

  • In-depth dusting including anything hanging
  • Wash your walls
  • Wash your baseboards
  • Wash your window treatments
  • Clear corners, light fixtures, and air vents of cobwebs

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