Friday: Car & Purse Clean-up & Commence Quadrant 3

Friday just couldn’t get here fast enough, seriously. And I’ll be even more thrilled when that clock ticks past four o’clock. Today’s the day to chuck all the junk from your purse. It’s all the day to go through your car, rooting for trash and found objects that need to be restored to their proper places.

When you’re ready, it’s time to start working in Quadrant 3 today (Dining Room, Living Room, Porch, & Entry/Foyer). I actually like working in here as it’s pretty much de-cluttered and lets me get some of that good and heavy detail cleaning done. Get your fifteen minutes done in here today de-cluttering or if you’re ready, join me in some of the more detail-oriented stuff:

  • Hose down your porch– walls, floor, roof
  • Scrub your porch floor with a broom and household cleaner
  • Wash your front door
  • Check the area for needed repairs or re-plantings
  • Shake out and if applicable wash your welcome mat

If you’d like to join my Housekeeping crusade, head over here to get started or here if your house is kinda where you want it but not really.


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