Wednesday: Wipe It & Quadrant Two

Halfway through the week already! I always find Wednesdays to be surprising for some reason. Anyways, take a moment to wipe down your high-traffic surfaces today. Dining table and chairs, kitchen counters and stove top, bathroom counters and low spit-on mirrors are the usual ones. You might have other places like desks or art tables that need some attention.

When you’re ready, it’s time to dive back into Quadrant Two (Kids’ Bedrooms & Bathrooms, Hallway & Linen Closet, and Patio). Personally, I’m sort of sick of de-cluttering all those little things in the kids’ rooms so I’m spending some time in the Hallway and Linen Closet today. Specifically, I spotted some fresh artwork from my two year old and a couple of streaks courtesy of my most recent furniture shuffling. My linen closet’s pretty de-cluttered but stuff is starting to fall over on top of each other so I need to get a better system in place there. I’m even thinking of moving my cleaning supplies in there and placing a bi-fold lock on the door since it’s more centrally located in the house than where I currently stash things. If you’re looking to get into some more detail work/cleaning, here are some other things to do:

  • Change your a/c filter
  • Vaccuum your a/c closet
  • Dust all artwork hanging in your hallway, maybe refresh some of the photographs
  • Wash the doors and walls especially down low where little hands rub
  • Check your hallway’s corners for cobwebs and clear those, same thing for your hallway lighting fixture
  • Wash your floors and baseboards

Meanwhile, how are you doing with your daily laundry adventures? How’s that shrine of yours looking? Is your bed made today? If you’re curious about the Housekeeping System in place here, go here to read more.


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