Tuesday: Towel Tango & Quadrant Two

On Tuesdays, we swap out all of the towels. I get a break on this as the kids have been staying with their dad all week so it’s just my stuff I have to worry about. This has let me do some extra work in Quadrant Two though (Kids Bedrooms, Kids Bathrooms, Hallway/Linen Closet, and Patio). I’m in major closet, shelves, and drawers de-cluttering mode but maybe you’re ready to get down and dirty:

  • Give your patio a good sweep and hose down with some type of cleaner– bleach or all-purpose cleaner works well
  • Wash your patio furniture, toss what’s broken beyond repair
  • Weed any flower beds, containers, etc.
  • Pull plants that haven’t survived
  • Wash your walls

If you’d like to know more about the Housekeeping system I have in place, you can find all of the information right here.


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