Sunday: Savings and Quadrant Two

Are you enjoying your day of rest? Sundays are pretty laid back as far as cleaning goes so I use it as my day to save money. I try and clip coupons today as well as make shopping lists for the week. This is a great day to plan your meals or maybe even cook in bulk if you’re so inclined. Maybe you can track your spending today and review your budget for the week. If your finances are a-ok, just enjoy the day!

When you get around to doing your chores, head back to Quadrant Two today. Keep powering through all that clutter! If you’ve reached the end of the mess you can do the detailed stuff like:

  • Go through your linens– keep, toss, or donate and add what needs updating to your shopping list
  • Make sure your linens are organized– roll towel sets together, match pillow cases to sheets, etc.
  • Store your winter linens
  • Sweep out the bottom of the closet and dust your shelves. Dust bunnies live everywhere!

Bonus Tip: If your family goes through lots of wash cloths, like mine, you mgiht want to try storing them all in a handy basket instead of worrying what wash cloth matches what set.


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