Saturday: Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming and Quadrant Two

Break out the broom, vacuum, mop, and/or bucket. Today’s the day to do a quick sweep/vacuum and/or mopping of all accessible floor surfaces. If you have to crouch or move furniture, forget it. Just get all those areas little toes are always stomping around on. Make this quick. Excellent for the Stop Watch Log and you might be able to get your kids involved if they’re the right age. Vacuuming my room was part of my weekend chores as a child!

Today, we’re spending more time in Quadrant 2 (Kids bedrooms and bathrooms, Linen Closet, and Patio). I have a decent amount of de-cluttering to do in this area but if you’ve de-cluttered and are ready to get down and dirty, here are some projects to do:

  • Scrub down the bathroom
    • Toilet, tub, and sink
    • Mirror
    • Cabinets
  • Wash the shower curtain
    • If it’s plastic, throw it in the tub, fill it with hot water and pour bleach. Put on your gloves and smoosh the curtain into the water so it’s all covered. You can even do a quick rub of some of the dirtier areas. Let it soak while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Drain, and hang to dry.
  • Clean out the medicine cabinet and throw out expired or recalled medicines (ahem Children’s Tylenol and Motrin)
  • Wash bath toys in the top rack of the dishwasher. Toss the ones beyond saving

Decorating Tip: Pictures of your kids in the tub are really cute when they’re young and deliciously embarrassing when they’re older. Why hide them? Frame and hang in the bathroom for some cute art and potential revenge.


One thought on “Saturday: Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming and Quadrant Two

  1. Cabinets are easy to organize. These high, larger boxes are often designed to accommodate larger objects. I like to organize from the bottom up. Use the bottom shelves to keep things that are bulky and may possible leak or spill. In case of spill, the flight arrives solo pieces, but nothing on the shelves below. The upper level can hold towels and rolls or folded tissue renewal. Use the highest level, usually smaller items such as hand creams, deodorant and other toiletries. Try not to place objects on top of cabinets unless they are decorative. The idea is ultimately to eliminate clutter.


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