Friday: Purses, Cars, & Quadrant Two!

Happy Friday everyone! Empty out those purses, wallets, diaper bags, gym bags, book bags, etc. Also, rummage through your car with a plastic bag and throw out all the junk that’s accumulated. Take another bag with you to collect the stuff that doesn’t belong in the car and put it away as soon as you get inside. Don’t want to vacuum? Can’t vacuum? At least give the mats a quick shake. Some people keep wipes in their car and today’s the day to go ahead and wipedown your car with them.

Today we also start Quadrant Two (Kids Rooms, Kids Bathrooms, Linen Closet, Patio). I’m going to work on some de-cluttering in this area—especially the Kids Rooms and their Bathroom. But, if you’ve got this Quadrant de-cluttered, here are some projects:

  • Get under the beds. Kids love stashing stuff down there!
  • In-depth dusting
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Wash window treatments
  • Flip the mattresses
  • Wash the comforters, mattress covers, and/or bedskirts

Decorating Tip: Kids love their own artwork. Next time they’re on sale, buy some basic inexpensive 8 x 10 photo frames. Every time you do this Quadrant, put in a new piece of artwork they’ve brought home from school.


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