Tuesday: Towels & Quadrant One

Change your towels today! I wouldn’t skip this one too much because towels are by nature humid often and humidity attracts all sorts of funky things. Also c hange out wash cloths and hand towels and any other rags or things you use on a weekly basis instead of daily.

Today we continue in Quadrant One (Master Bedroom, Master Bath, and Office/Extra Room). I’m feeling pretty good about my closet so I might spend some time in my bedroom. If you’ve already de-cluttered your space and are ready for some in-depth cleaning, here are some more projects for this area. You can do as many as you want just remember to do them in 15 minute intervals. And if you have lots of time on your hands, like I do since I’m kid-free (gasp) this week, and want to do more than one interval, make sure for every two sets you do, you take one Time Out:

  • Organize your closet– by color, by length, by type
  • Move Winter clothes to storage
  • Clear and dust closet shelves
  • Go through your shoes and ditch the ones in bad condition

Decorating Tip: Have you considered making all of your hangers the same? It brings life to a closet! You can also put cute contact paper on shelves to give them some personality. Feeling really brazen? Paint your closet in a super bold color. Change the light fixture too if you have one. Some people even put a small area rug in their walk-in closets.


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