Monday & Quadrant One

Sheet changing day again! For those of you who either don’t have a back-up pair of sheets, or have too many bedrooms, you can go ahead and alternate sheet-changes so they get changed every other week instead of a weekly basis. I do this with my two oldest children because right now I’m down to only one set of twin sheets for each bed and I fear too much washing will wear them out too quickly. However, I do change the crib sheets and my own on a weekly basis. So I’ll be changing those two plus MutantEldest’s sheets since MutantDaughter had hers cleaned up last week. Remember, do what works for you and your family!

Meanwhile, we’re cleaning up in my favorite part of the house, Quadrant One (Master Bedroom, Master Bath, and the Office/Extra Room). I did an intense job in the bathroom this weekend, so I’m ready to shift focus. My closet needs me! Here are some projects you can do in Quadrant One after you’re done de-cluttering:

  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and bathroom cabinets
  • Clean the shower, sink, and toilet
  • Clean your shower curtain and liner (For plastic curtains and liners, throw them into the tub and fill it with hot water and bleach. Let it soak a while, drain it, and then hang to dry.)
  • Go through your makeup and toss old and expired items

Decorating Tip: Take a look in your Master Bathroom. How are your towels? Are they fresh and fluffy or are they worn and thin? How about the wash cloths and hand towels? Is your bathrobe inviting or frightening? Take note of your bath linens and figure out if you need to add any to your shopping list.


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