H is for Hely

I am, at my very core, quite the sarcastic person. I appreciate very much the use of a sharp tongue especially when it’s regarding a topic I couldn’t agree with more. So given my relish for a good tongue-lashing combined with my adoration of literature multiplied with my growing horror at the modern interpretations of “literature” it shouldn’t be much of a shock to find out I absolutely positively adore Steve Hely’s “How I Became a Famous Novelist”. I devoured this book. It made me giggle like an imp over and over again. I wanted to read every other passage out loud to anyone who would listen.

Hely absolutely positively completely and voraciously dismantles the modern literature marketplace. No one is safe– not publishers, not published authors, not unpublished authors, not one genre. Hely comes off as desperate and frustrated as I feel and this is a delicious pairing. If you enjoy reading, read this book. If you enjoy writing, read this book. If you take yourself too seriously, read this book. If you don’t take yourself seriously enough, read this book. If you keep saying you should read more but can’t really find anything captivating, READ THIS BOOK. This book is endlessly fun and overwhelmingly witty. I’d tell you what it’s about but the title does so quite solidly.

You may or may not be aware but there is something very horribly wrong with books today and as Hely writes, no one’s really sure just what it is or how the heck to fix it. Hely doesn’t either but he sure as hell is sounding the alarm. I wish there was more that I could elaborate but it’s really just as simple as saying this is a really great book, especially if you’re a big book nerd like me!


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