Curious about coupons? “Beginner Deals” at Walgreens this week

If you’re curious about couponing, here are some deals to get your feet wet. No Sunday paper needed for these, just a computer and printer and scissors.

Walgreens (Sale ends Saturday)

Deal One:

Deal Two:

  • Buy 3 Neutrogena Original Formula Transparent Facial bar Soaps at $2.69 each (white box with black stripe)
  • Earn $10 in Register Rewards
  • You pay $8.07 (plus tax), get back $10 in Register Rewards making the soaps free and giving you $1.93 extra

Note: SouthernSavers is my resource for couponing. They do the hard work of matching sales to coupons. But since so many of you have recently asked me about couponing and would like to just jump in without buying the newspaper, I figured I’d highlight some of the deals you can do with just online coupons and maximum returns. If you are intrigued by what you learn here, I suggest going to their website. It’s user-friendly, the tutorials are great, and the guides are helpful.


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