Coupon Shopping Trips: June 4 – 11

Just to offer encouragement to those of you on the fence about couponing, I’d like to post three shopping trips I had a couple weeks ago. I haven’t gone for this week’s sales, but it’s on my list of things to do today.

My first trip was to Publix on June 4. My groceries were valued at $131.36. I paid only $56.19 (including tax) and saved $75.17. I saved 56% off my grocery bill.

My second trip was to CVS. My bill was valued at $41.97. I paid $3.30 (with tax) for a savings of $38.67 or 92%. I also earned Extra Care Bucks and a coupon for a future purchase. So I went back that night. My bill was valued at $27.54. I paid $1.03 (including tax again) for a savings of $26.51 or 96%.

If you want to try couponing but feel like you’ll just get overwhelmed, I strongly suggest you play with CVSing. Thanks to CVSing I’m able to indulge on purchases I would otherwise never make for next to nothing out of my pocket. The thing is while I’m doing that, I’m also saving money on necessities. Of course, I also make a dent in my bills by couponing at Publix and Target too but CVS alone would make a large dent in my expenses and cure a part of my inner shopper that likes “treats” like Glade Candles for instance.


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