Wednesday Housekeeping

Happy Hump Day everyone. Today it’s time to do a Wipedown. Just grab rags and surface cleaner, or those ready-to-use wipes and wipe down all visible surfaces. Get your kids in on this one too. No scrubbing, just wiping. Make sure you get sinks, tubs, and those bathroom mirrors everyone gets spit on somehow. I’m also slaving away in Quadrant 4 (Kitchen, Playroom, and Laundry Room). In this area I am very much entrenched in De-Cluttering mode. This is by far the most frustrating Quadrant for me because the Playroom especially is in a constant uproar. I’m hacking away at it though. If your Quadrant is pretty much de-cluttered, here are some projects you could try:

• Clean out your dryer vent

• Take inventory of your kids art supplies and toss the truly junky ones

• Empty out your cupboards and thoroughly wash down the shelves; replace shelf liners if they’re not in great condition

• Wash your cabinets


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