Friday Housekeeping

Hello Friday! On Friday, I fix up my purse and my car because by the time the week winds down, they’re both full of stuff from the daily grind. This Friday it’s particularly important because I’m driving up to Orlando tonight with my brother and the kids for a trip to Disney World. So, out comes the toys and trash.  If I have time, I’d like to vacuum but most likely it’ll just be a quick shake of the mats and a wipe of the dash. I’ll also open the console and glove compartment and take out all the trash and make sure I have my papers where I need them. As for the purse, I’ll take out all of the garbage and receipts. I have to switch to a bigger Disney-friendly bag anyways so it’s a good opportunity to really lighten the baggage.

Today is also the start of Quadrant 4 (Kitchen, Playroom, Laundry Room). Personally, I’m still in de-clutter mode for this Quadrant so all of my time this week in there will likely be working on that. If your Quadrant is de-cluttered, here are some great projects to work on in this Quadrant:


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