Thursday Housekeeping

Thursday is Taking Care of Business Day. On my list, I have to get to a DMV to get my license re-instated (thank you ExMutant for the suspension), have the oil on the car changed and the tires rotated for my trip to Disney this weekend, fill the car up with gas, drop off my weekly donations at a Goodwill, and pack like a fiend. This is a pretty full day for me which is not the usual but that’s what I get for slacking the past couple of Thursdays (don’t put off till tomorrow blah blah blah).

Today’s the last day I get in Quadrant 3 (Porch, Entry, Living, and Dining Room). I’m going to spend some time sweeping and hosing down my front porch and weeding if I manage to get home with any sort of daylight left. My dining room needs some intensive cleaning too. With little kids, this is a given. I have to scrub the walls, move the table out of the way to get all of those hidden crumbs, and give the table a good scrubdown- all in 15 minutes or less. I’m getting the running shoes on for this one.

Need more ideas for things to clean in this Quadrant?

  • Clean out your entertainment center top to bottom
  • Wash all windows and sliding glass doors (and their gross tracks) inside and out, bonus points for an overcast day here as it causes less streaks and spots
  • Dust all art, figurines, and photos
  • Replace photos in frames for instant new artwork
  • Move the winter coats in your coat closet to storage boxes and break out the spring jackets, rain coats, and rain boots
  • Make sure all electric outlets have covers on them
  • Change out and wash your throws
  • Wipe down the dining room chairs, booster seats, and high chair

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