Tuesday HouseKeeping

Tuesday is Towel Day. Sweep through the house and collect all those towels, dish towels, and washcloths, throw them in the hamper (or laundry machine), and break out some fresh new ones. Everybody say “Mmmmmmm”.  By the way, this is a good one for the stopwatch log.

For my Quadrant 3 (Porch, Entry, Living & Dining Rooms) cleaning, I’m going to keep working on the sweeping and mopping. Yesterday, my oldest was having a really rough day and needed lots of extra attention so I was only able to do a thorough sweep and mop in the entry way with the other dailies, but at least I made sure I did a very thorough one even sweeping at the baseboards with the dustbin brush.

Here are even more projects for Quadrant 3:

  • Toss old magazines
  • Tidy up video game controllers and other accessories
  • Weed the porch plants and/or garden
  • Wash the front door inside and out
  • Wash the porch getting off all those sticky bugs, cobwebs, and things that are especially attracted to corners and other out of reach places
  • Make sure the umbrellas in the umbrella stand are in good working order
  • Collect all the remote controls
  • Dismantle the sofas and hunt for things in the cushions. My Nintendo DS had slid all the way down the back of the sofa between the back and the bottom. I found it just before I sold the sofas at a garage sale on a whim. I also found jewelry and toys.

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