Monday Housekeeping

Today’s Monday which means it’s time to change the sheets on all those beds. Everyone loves climbing into bed after a long Monday and it’s even yummier when your sheets are fresh and clean. It’s a nice way to reward yourself, and your loved ones. Feeling extra lovey? Put chocolate, or some other sweet nothing, on the pillows!

Also, today I’m working on Quadrant Three (Porch, Entry, Living, and Dining Rooms). This is the most de-cluttered part of my house which means I spend my alotted 15 minutes doing an in-depth cleaning project. Today, I’m going to do a thorough sweep and mop. This means moving the sofas out of the way, getting the dining chairs and other small pieces off the floor, and so on.  I do it section by section and only do what 15 minutes allows for.

Other projects you can do in this area include:

·       Washing window treatments

·       Wiping down baseboards

·       Washing walls

·       Intensive dusting

·       Washing slipcovers/sofas

·       Shake out area rugs/mats

·       Organizing DVD/music/game collections (title, category, color, etc.)

·       Tend to your front porch garden/plants

·       Remove cobwebs


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