Little Love- Be My Valentine, Baby

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, but if you’re married you probably already know this. As a matter of fact, if you’re married you probably don’t really have much need for the rest of this post as you and your significant are all over this holiday, right? So instead, let’s make this one for all the single parents out there who will be spending their Valentine’s Day with the pint-sized darlings (all the more adorable thanks to their minute size).

I thought of sending Valentine’s Day to a dark and ominous place this year. But, I recanted. And I think it was the brightly colored peanut M&M’s that started it. That and the sprinkles. I got to thinking maybe it’d be fun to take Valentine’s Day back to the old school and go kiddy. Let’s face it, I really do love those three little boogers of mine. Why not go nuts and show them? After all, there’s no one else to shower all that silliness on this year but it shouldn’t go to a waste either.

So, I’m thinking our morning will begin with chocolate chip heart shaped pancakes (Dollar Tree has a set of pancake molds that includes a heart for just $1). We can play with the red blocks and red and white Legos. I’ve got lots of good books for the love fest– Love, Ruby Valentine, The Runaway Valentine, Guess How Much I Love You, Don’t Forget I Love You, No Matter What, and Counting Kisses to name a few.

Then there’s the whole craft bonanza. Holidays lend themselves so well to playing with glue, scissors, glitter, and colorful papers. Valentine’s Day is no exception and while the pinks and purples will make my daughter thrilled to bits, the red will be enough to keep the big guy intrigued. The baby doesn’t care what the color is, he’ll just be trying to figure out ways to eat everything. We can make valentines for my grandmother and our friends. We can make a paper chain. We can make cards for each other. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s pretty and fun.

Lunch will probably be heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No clue on dinner just yet, but as it almost always includes rice, that can be sort of molded into a little heart too, no? Dessert should probably be strawberry shortcake as the colors are so appropriate. And once I get them to their beds and cover their heads with a million kisses, it’ll be my turn. I’ll probably grab leftover strawberry shortcake and some wine (bubbly perhaps?), watch He’s Just Not That Into You, remind myself why I had a kiddy Valentine’s Day instead of the adult version this year, and know that it’s alright. Maybe I’ll start planning an I Hate Valentine’s Day party for next year…adults only of course.


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