Just thought it was worth mentioning I actually used my patterned paper today. I am in a desperate frenzy to get the garage kid-friendly before I go back to work (August 21st). This meant eliminating my computer desk and so now I am down to a small desk with hutch and a side set of drawers plus a nook under the stairs that perfectly accomodates 4 large rubbermaid bins. So one thing I did was take the scrapbooks down from one of the shelves on the hutch. I put the ones that have stuff in the shelf in the living room since no one would even know they existed in the garage, I put the empty ones in the garage sale pile (Saturday at my MIL's), and that's when I came across it. My EMPTY black leather Close to My Heart album that I had purchased years ago with one intention- my wedding album. And there was the box of 8 x 10's. I grabbed the photos, the album, and my box of paper. Yes, you read that correctly. Two years ago I did major destashing when we were packing up to move here and I consolidated all of my paper into one of those 12 x 12 boxes you could find at Joann's. 
I had always wanted the album to be simple, just the photos mounted on paper. So the first thing I did was pull out the solid cardstock and matched a photo to each one. But it looked dull and I figured if I had wanted it mounted on solid paper, I should have just bought the damn thing from the photographer. I wanted it to be unique so I put away the colored cardstock and went through the patterned papers. Wow I forgot how pretty paper is. So many different patterns and colors. It felt like I was dressing up the photos. Like what outfit does this one want to wear? Anyways, I finished it. And it probably took me about half an hour start to finish. It's simple but cute. I can always go back and add embellishments here and there. But for now, it works just fine and I still have another box of a couple hundred 4 x 6's that I can get more intensive with if I so choose.
I'm also sad because I found the gorgeous scrapbook I had received for Daughter. I kept that one. I am determined all three kids will have a scrapbook even if it's done for their 18th birthdays. I technically haven't finished Eldest's but Eldest has a lot of layouts. The idea was that each child have an album from birth to the first year. Everything else would be family layouts. Anyways, patterned paper is pretty.

As for my other point of SHAME, I haven't finished the sweater for Baby. But I'm also concerned he won't be able to wear it even if I finish. It's 3-6 months but he's already wearing that size and he just turned 2 months on the 4th. It won't really cool until MAYBE end of October. 
I am also supposed to cast on tonight for the Knitting Olympics. Too much stuff to do before going back to work. TOO MUCH. 

By the by, have you played with Amazon's new feature that lets you create a universal wish list? Too fun! 

P.S. Italian soccer players are HOT. I love the Olympics.


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