Old Fashioned

These blog entries have a way of just steering themselves the way they want to go don't they?

Before I dive in, I'd like to inform my fellow concerned knitters that I am smoothly sailing along Sleeve One on the kimono. And it was going so nicely, I of course stopped. It is my curse.

What I was going to write about was my daughter who turned two a month ago and who really deserves a good long post dedicated solely to her because she is simply that kind of girl. So that's what I was going to do but as I settled in I remembered the flowers I'd bought at CVS on an impulse while buying my 3 for $10 12 packs of Coke (my new postpartum curse). I couldn't let the three bunches just sit there without water because I just knew that by the time I'd finished posting the entry about Daughter, and got up to get those flowers into water Baby would surely be calling. So I went and played with my flowers. I bought a dozen white roses, a simple clutch of yellow daisies, and a rambunctious bunch of colorful mixed flowers. I am not an expert flower arranger. Strike that. I am not even a beginner flower arranger. I know to do the following things with a bunch of flowers:

1. Cut off rubberbands or string holding flowers together. 
2. Cut off about an inch or two from the stem at an angle.
3. Remove any leaves that would be submerged in the water in the vase.
4. Place flowers into a vase with cold water.
5. Place vase on surface and smile.

So that's what I did. With the last bunch of mixed flowers, I did have to work on placing the flowers because when I dumped the bunch into the vase, they all went their separate ways against the vase and left a big gap in the center. They look better now that I creatively jammed the stems in and out of each other. 

So anyways, the point of all of this is that I love flowers. And flowers, like a million things in my life, often get shoved down the list of must-haves. It really shouldn't be that way. I blame the British for this whole flower fix I'm into today. Specifically the British ladies on How Clean is Your House? which is a really yucky show but filled with good stuff. Today I learned how to get the burnt off my pans for instance (and how to convince myself we need MORE Coke in the house not less). I also noticed that when they turned the house over to the formerly disgusting tenant, they had placed fresh flowers everywhere. I think that I noticed this because of Design Star (are we seeing the giant twisted loops my brain works in?). I really like the show and think it has a lot of potential although I'm not really struck by the contestants. But back to flowers! Not this past Sunday because I haven't seen it yet, but the Sunday before that with the Country music singer whose name I forget, they had to design a hotel suite in her style. So they went to her home and interviewed her and went back and designed things.One of the things she mentioned was fresh flowers and sure enough there were flowers in the hotel suite and they were all over her home too. 

Is it really too big a deal to buy fresh flowers every week? Forget three bunches like I did today, just one bunch of flowers a week. Better yet, can my husband get this one? There is a lot to be said for a man that brings his wife flowers every week. Especially when they are different flowers and not even the same day every week. In other words, especially if he manages to not turn it into a chore. I know that us modern women are supposed to roll our eyes at this kind of notion. But, why? Most of us, I imagine, did not grow up in a house where fresh flowers were a staple in the house. Dad didn't bring home flowers every week. I will give my Dad credit though; he brought home flowers often, just not every week. When exactly did flowers turn into a Special Occasions Only item? And why are they stupid? People argue they die. Well yeah they die, and you eat food, right? You drink beverages that are not purely for hydrating purposes, yes? And you smokers don't even make a peep! You can't get more fleeting than buying a pack of cigarrettes! 

Really, I think a very old proper lady has moved into my body. Maybe even the ghost of a very old proper lady who died 50 years ago. Here I am enjoying the art of letters and wondering why we just abandoned it so easily. Letters are Special Occasion Only items too! I'm wondering how it is that I only have about six dresses but maybe twelve pairs of pants. And now I am taken with flowers. I drink a cup of coffee every morning and feel so right sitting by the sliding glass doors enjoying the sunlight sneaking in past the curtains (that are there because my yard has been taken over by weeds on steroids which is very much NOT proper old lady). Why don't I have a martini every evening after dinner with my husband?

It's interesting because we like to refer to past years as "Simpler Times" when compared with our modern world they required much more work. You couldn't dash up an e-mail to your friend to see how she was doing since you hadn't heard from her in ages, you had to sit and write her a letter. Us ladies did not go to work, we stayed home struggling to clean a house without today's modern conveniences (like my new totally awesome vacuum cleaner for instance). And you had to do it without having the option to play a television show in the background to entertain yourself with. And your children were home if not of school age. 

I wonder what's with me. And I don't think I even qualify as your usual suspect for this kind of thinking. I love technology and gadgets and gizmos. I like being independent and working and making my own decisions. I hate cleaning even with my totally awesome modern conveniences. I don't thrift shop, I don't go antiquing, and I don't think I'll ever decorate anything in the Shabby Chic style (exception being Daughter's room IF she requested it). I guess I'm just strange, caught here and there. But flowers? I can definitely do the flowers thing. Now, how do I get my husband to play along? 

And you? What Simpler Times thing(s) do you enjoy or do you wish was more prevalent today?


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