LOLing at myself

Oh my. I must look positively bizarre knitting. I taught myself from books a couple of years ago and I just don't feel like I ever nailed down the whole finesse of it all. Not to mention the fact without someone here physically to show me how to do things, I am hesitant to take up knitting challenges. It is that fear of knitting without a lifeguard if you will that has prevented me from even attempting a basic knitting in the round project. It's why I have never knit socks even though I have lots of great supplies to do so including needles for the magic loop method and a booklet detailing the process. In my defense, I did try it once and it was a great mess. This is tonight's topic of conversation in my brain because I've been working on the infamous Baby Kimono Sweater I cast on back in June. July 22nd will be the one month anniversary of that sweater– the very one I swore to do in two weeks. 

Today has been a technique-filled knitting day. First up was joining a new ball of yarn so that I could finish the too easy back that I've been working on for an embarrasing amount of time. Ever since I heard of this magnificent method of weaving ends while knitting, I try and practice it every chance I get with this excellent tutorial. So today there was that. Then I suddenly found I had finished the back and it was time to attempt the THREE NEEDLE BIND OFF. Non Knitters, doesn't that SOUND dreadful? It did to me! And it was that dreadful the first go. More dreadful is the reason that yours truly is horrible at sewing, when I finished struggling with the THREE NEEDLE BIND OFF (of doom), I found I had attached the sides wrong (left side on the right side, right side on the left side) and I struggled very hard with a torrent of tears. I won. I ripped back my bind off (first time I've ever done that too), put the pieces the right away, and went at the THREE NEEDLE BIND OFF again and this time, it was cake! 

So with the back done and the front sides attached to it properly, it was time to move on to the sleeves. I was/am a little confused by the pattern notes and posted a question on Ravelry about it but in the mean time I decided to just try picking up stitches the way I thought the pattern asked and so with the help of an excellent video, I got to work. Now, I think I did over half the stitches the right way and then I think my brain may have collapsed onto itself because I totally screwed up as I neard the end and was picking up stitches not from the edge but from the knitted work and it created a hilariously awful seam. SO, I ripped that back too and decided instead of starting again I'd come here and babble about it. Not to mention my shoulders and back are ACHING. So right now I have a Baby Kimono Vest and it's quite cute if I may so myself. And that my friends is despite the fact that while knitting the stupid back I completely fazed out and purled on the Right Side and knit on the Wrong Side for a whole row. So I have a stripe of error running across the back of the sweater. I tell myself it looks intentional. I also tell myself babies spend 95% of their times on their backs so no one will see it end of story.

I also tell myself that I seriously need to pick up a bottle of Absolut Citron and become a habitual Cosmo drinker.

In other news, I need to stop perusing Ebay for clothes for Daughter. Today I won a lot of NWT Juicy Couture clothes for her. I also have a few Harajuku Lovers items going. For me,  I bought some gorgeous stitch markers from the excellent tutorial lady on Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, Elia is going live on the 18th and I am saving up for that as well. You can see previews of the items she will be selling right over here. Not only am I swooning over 90% of the magnet sets, Leia has me VERY intrigued as does the adorable owl (of course). I need to do some selling of my own and unload some more Cram Cream and Decole items. The thing is I am really pissed about E-bay fees and so I am trying to think how else to about it. If anyone has ideas, let me know!


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