Holy crap, I feel like maybe I got way too drunk last night. Except I didn't have a sip of alcohol. I'm guessing it has to do with the simpler fact that I maybe got 4 hours of sleep and unlike my usual remedy of sleeping in until whenever, I have to be at my doctor's office at 9:30. After that I plan on going to my mom's house and I'm hoping to get a few hours of sleep there before I have to get up and take Baby to his doctor's appointment at 3:30. Oh thank God, the coffee is ready. 

Know what really irks me? I forced myself to stay up late thinking Baby would be his usual fussbucket. You see, I've tried going to sleep early thinking I'd be better getting some hours in early. Except he's so fussy at the same time every night that it makes a mess of my sleep and I still sleep in ultra late. So I stayed up and wouldn't you know he had a great night last night and slept like a log with only ony 15 minute fussy period. I'm so messed up, my throat hurts. Blegh. 

Add to all of this that my husband will be going out tonight to celebrate one of our friend's birthday. So whenever I make it home, I'll be alone with the three amigos. 

My house smells. 

Why did I get started on the house thing? My husband and I are at that phase in the postpartum home with infant who doesn't sleep good stage. You know, the bitchy snappy one. I was mean as hell to him yesterday. Snapping at him and just pissy overall and he was the same right back. I hate it when he criticizes me about the house. Um, hello you contribute to this disaster as much as I do. Last night I was less than pleased when he made some comment when I came to bed along the lines of "Hey you never cleaned our bathroom like you said you would." "I haven't yet" I corrected him and then made some bitchy comment about how he hasn't touched the laundry that's been folded in his basket over a week now. I'm surprised I didn't just bristle and hiss and spit at him while I was at it. Embarrassing. 

You know the list I made the other day? I've hardly touched it.  I am so freaking lame when I stay at home. I am so much more productive at work. Which reminds me, I think I am going to try and negotiate with my bosses to see if they will allow me to shift to a four ten hour work week when I return so I can have every Wednesday off. I am definitely doing it with my leftover vacation, but I would like to try and make it permanent. That would help in so many ways– one less day of commuting, a break in the middle of the week, I think it might help me keep nursing since it wouldn't be 5 whole days in a row of mostly pumping. We'll see. Baby's calling.


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