Staying Organized, Staying Motivated

I have a busy week ahead of me. Wednesday is Baby's one month check up and Friday is my 6 week postpartum.  

I think I'd mentioned a cleaning schedule I'd created. I didn't have much luck with Week A but I'm not giving up. So with that said, here's Week B and a couple of other things that should get done this week.

Floors: 2nd Floor
Kids Bathroom: Sink/Counter
Kids Bathroom: Toilet
Kids Bathroom: Towels
Kids Bathroom: Tub
Kids Bedroom: Bedding
Kids Bedroom: Dusting
Kids Room: Pick Up
Master Bathroom: Shower
Master Bathroom: Sinks & Counters
Master Bathroom: Toilet
Master Bathroom: Towels/Robes
Nursery: Bedding
Laundry: Darks
Laundry: Baby

These are the other things I'd like to do this week. I have until I go to bed Saturday night.

Return the library book
Visit the office to say bye to my friends who are transferring
Schedule Sadie and Mario's Check Ups
Mail AnySoldier Packages
Begin going through scrap supplies for Charity



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