How to Dress

I saw this article on CNN‘s site and am amused enough to comment.

In your every day office environment,  figuring out what to wear to work is so ridiculously easy, it amazes me to no end how many pepole get it complettely wrong. Bottom line? Tuxedos and gowns aside, you just can’t overdress for work. Are you the only one at work dressing professionally? Excellent! You’re probably the one that will be taken the most seriously. As far as I’m concerned, feel free to show up to work dressed like a slob– it only makes me look and feel better about myself. Think what you’d like and be as idealistic as possible, the fact is people judge you by the cover no matter how much they’re around you. It is really hard to get past someone’s physical appearance– good or bad. I chuckle at the people who balk at dress codes and wear what they want to wear. Go right on ahead, you make life that much easier for me for goodness sakes. And it’s not some Victorian frame of thought to insist people dress appropriately for the office by not showing bra straps and thongs, its common freaking sense. Really the only mistake you can make by sticking to true office attire is perhaps being slightly dull-looking but that is far easier remedied and contended with then looking like trash which is FAR easier to do than people possibly imagine.

The rules are simple:

Interviews require suits.

Until you really get to know your bosses and their bosses and their bosses’ bosses, stick to the basics– a dress shirt in white, light colors, or light stripes, dress pants, and/or a knee-length pencil skirt. Once you get a feel for the land, it’s easier to play with color, pattern, and even shape (like a boxy jacket instead of a suit blazer) or a skinny tie versus the normal one if you’re a man. And shoes should show as few toes as possible. I’d usually say none at all but right now the tiny peep toes are very in fashion and for the most part are acceptable for an office. Stick to that uniform and I think you’ll have a hard time being told you’re dressed inappropriately– for an office; if you work at a gentleman’s club that’s another story!


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