I am absolutely dying to go shopping. For clothes. For work. 

I blame my co-worker who texted me the other day incredulous. He wanted to know if the rumors were true and that I would not be returning to work. I laughed a long time about that. 

The office that I work in is a strange place as all offices inevitably are. Most of the people there dress entirely too casually and it drives me nuts. They also behave accordingly also driving me nuts. I guess you can say that at my office I'm the snob. The thing is, I like it that way and I don't really care. While I was pregnant, I had to ditch my office uniforms of fitted dress shirts, trousers, and pencil skirts for more flouncy things. I think people have gotten used to this more casual and tired form of myself. I'd like to remind them of what I'm really like when I go back. Now, it turns out there was a dry cleaner close to my office that I used to go to often. Except that somewhere along the time of when my clothes stopped fitting me properly, I left several items there including a FABULOUS dress I wore to my birthday party last year. Well, it turns out they've shut down and are gone and my clothes is gone with them and I am very sad about it. I have to figure out what I do have left behind but I really can't wait to do some shopping. And here is my inspiration:

I have to say that when I saw Iron Man I kept freaking out over Paltrow's wardrobe. I wanted the whole damn thing and could someone give me her hair? I love a good traditional look for the office. So I've been window shopping for:

Via Spiga Women's Two-button Skirt Suit


Steve Madden Ripaa

Juicy Couture Timepieces Women's Fashion Tallulah Watch


style #2120906





style #2070215 available sizes: L

style #2119314

style #2089639

And everything in between. There were dress shirts too but those are on flash sites and I don't feel like doing the work– I am very interested in trying Brooks Brothers new Tailored Fit dress shirts, especially their striped ones. L-O-V-E.

So, I am dying for my hips to settle into their size so I can do proper suit and trouser and skirt shopping, but I figure I'll start to keep my eye out for the other things. Oh, but that will have to wait until my short term disability claim is reinstated. Because since they terminated it about two weeks ago, I haven't gotten paid a dime. 

Quick hashing of other things:

For whatever reason the only thing I can remember from this past weekend is Sunday which we spent at my Mother's house. I got to go swimming! AND I got to jump into the pool when Daughter suddenly decided to CANOBAH! (Daughter speak for Cannonball) into the pool WHEN NO ONE WAS IN THERE. We need to get her in swimming lessons. J got food posioning yesterday too courtesy of an expired yogurt he ate at breakfast. 

Oh, now I remember the other things. My friend came over on Saturday and her boyfriend took J out for a guys night out. K had secret plans of cleaning my house which I forbade her from doing. Instead, I let her soothe Baby and play with Eldest and Daughter while I cleaned the house and listened to her stories (she is the all-time champion of storytelling). The cleaning frenzy spilled over to today until having J around recovering sapped my life force and left me a blob on the couch. 

I now have a loose cleaning schedule thanks to the whole chance to clean thing, plus K gave me ideas as she expxlained how she does it in her (childless) house. So while she can get it all done in one long exhausting day, I have split it into two weeks' worth. If I can get it done in one long exhausting day for week one or two fabulous but it gives me freedom to spread things out as well. I figure this is the only way a cleaning schedule can survive my returning to work. 

Finally, someone scold me because I have not knit a stitch in Baby's kimono sweater in days even after receiving THREE knitting books in the mail that have me drooling and inspired. I think it's because I've reached the back and that means 9 inches of plain stockinette which I realize is NOTHING but it's still tedious to me.

A couple of other little bits– my mommy made me brownies last night and I am so happy. And I am reading Sex with Kings which is incredibly light, fun, and full of strange but interesting tidbits you don't usually get in historical biographies. AND I have New Moon somewhere in this house ready for me the minute I finish Sex with Kings. I LOVE READING. Is it too much to aim to maintain a cleaning schedule and read one  book every month after returning to work?


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