21 Days

21 Days With You

It’s been 21 days since we shifted from a square family of four to a more tricky polygon with five sides. This is the part where things start to get a litte nasty for me. You see, it’s also been 21 days of not being able to run out and do errands– especially as my husband has suddenly become more than eager to run out for me no matter what the request. This causes hurt feelings in the hormonally unbalanced writer of this blog because it feels like an eagerness to abandon ship too. Ethan’s the one who can’t be in public and although I understand he’s somewhat tied to my “lovely lady humps” I can run to the supermarket that is NEXT DOOR for a gallon of milk, or bag of diapers. I can drop off a movie at Blockbuster that is next door to the grocery store next door. But I’m not really given the option. His defense is that he often takes one or both of the older children with him so it’s not like he’s leaving me drowning. My argument is I don’t mind taking one or both of those same children with me too. I think maybe Ethan scares him a little. Either way, I need to get out of this damn house! I need to be unattached to the very warm and relentlessly adorable 9 plus pound bundle that is currently on my lap for more than a couple of hours a day! The light at the end of the tunnel is that I’ve been doing my research on breastfeeding and going back to work and all of that and it says we should introduce the bottle between 3 and 6 weeks. Well, here we are. Week 3. With no pump.


Once again, another tug of war. I can’t get too huffy about the lack of the pump at this instant because, you see, I am getting a FREE pump that usually costs $300 from a good friend of mine. I’ve done the research on that too and am most eager to get it and check it to make sure it’s ok to use and I need to figure out what parts need replacement and where to replace them and how. I should have the pump in my hands for inspection by tomorrow night. The thing that concerns me is the replacement parts. While some of them come with the easy to find accessory kit, othes are harder to come by– like the tubing– that the milk flows through. So we may end up buying the Lansinoh one ($150) despite the FREE pump. Still beating myself up back and forth about it.

3 Weeks

Here was today’s to do list:

Call Dr. D (my doctor)
Call SunPass

Fold & Put Away Clothes
Put Package(s) together for AnySoldier
Call/Text/E-mail Jorge
Ask Mom about Baptism dates
Clean Mail on Counter
15 Minutes in Garage

Tha’s pretty good right? I mean I should be proud of myself, no? I got a lot done on the list. And I ended up spending WAY more than 15 minutes on the garage– I blame the back-to-back-to-back episodes of Clean House. Great now that’s got me off on a tangent and I’m window shopping the Container Store and Ikea and such. I wish I wasn’t so scattered.

No More!

No More Pictures


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