What is it with the urge to post someting and yet not being able to think of where to start or go?

Office Space is on right now. One of my all-time favorite movies. One classic scene after another. Hilarious lines. Too real characters. LOVE it. 

I ran away to my mom's house today. I just couldn't stand being in this house another freaking day with the rain and all. So I packed up my knitting (more on that in a bit), the diaper bag, swapped the car seats, got the wee one, and rode out into the sun. I stopped and picked up Daughter and continued on. My Mom's house is awesomeness these days. She and my dad are on vacation since they both work for schools (my mom a teacher, my dad a counselor). So they're both in great moods and loving fawning over their kids and grandkids. 

The Daily Show is distracting me. 

I should go to bed and try and get some sleep before Baby wakes up again. That way, it won't be too bad when the inevitable fussing starts at 4 or 5. Also, I must force myself to get out of bed to nurse him in the rocker. Nursing him in bed makes me sleep like total crap and he's much fussier that way too. He sleeps tons better in the bassinette. It's just really freaking hard to do when you're sound asleep.

Oh, knitting. Really quickly since I mentioned it. I don't know if I'd previously mentioned it, but I am on Ravelry now. Best thing ever for knitters and crocheters! I really love the site. It's insanely inspiring. Their tools are amazing– I spent all day Tuesday putting up my yarn stash. And then I spent the rest of the day and part of yesterday browsing for ideas to use up my stash. Well one of the things I fell in love with was the Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon. The problem was I don't own the book. So I did even more browsing and almost gave up when I found the pattern for the Sachiko Baby Kimono. I cast on yesterday and have been knitting happily. The sweater is so insanely cute and I am knitting it in a really bright blue cotton yarn (Crayon by KnitPicks in Azure) so it's really soft and not girly at all. I was worried about the yarn choice because it's chunkier than the worsted weight the pattern calls for and I didn't see many sweaters on Ravelry knit with anything other than a plain worsted weight so I thought maybe it wouldn't drape right, but so far it's like butter! I finished the Front Left Side yesterday but had a newbie question about the directions (which was answered on the Ravely forums by the time I woke up today) so I only started the right side today and didn't get too far because of all the distractions at Mom's. I want to have this done in about two weeks. I think it's possible but I've been wrong about my patience with knitted items before. Still, Baby's a chunker so I have to move fast to make sure it'll be wearable. Thankfully, I chose a 6 months size. 


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