Two Weeks vs. Two Years

No pictures today as my camera is temporarily missing.

Baby has been part of this world for two weeks today. And Daughter turned two years old last Friday, June 13th. First, let me tell you a little about Baby and how that is going and then I will tell you about my priness.

Baby is more awake these days. His huge eyes dart around taking in what must be very many colors and things. He is breastfeeding like a champ an I am past the discomfort associated with the earlier days. He is, however, fussier more often. This is one little boy who doesn’t like to be put down while he’s awake no matter how many interesting things are around him for him to look at. Once he’s asleep, he does like to sleep in his bassinett. Right now, he’s in the Baby Bjorn and I think (and hope) he’s pretty much out which is good because I’d like to have something to eat.

As for me at two weeks, things are a little dull and depressing. I hate not being able to go out to run even the smallest of errands. And although I could go for walks like I did a couple of days ago, it’s been raining relenlessly here and by the time it clears up, I’ve become a lazy couch potato who is still in her pajamas at 7 in the evening. Sleep is rare at night and so I’m becoming vampiric but I’m trying to get into bed no later than one or two because I don’t need anymore bad habits. Of course, I am still having major clothing issues and this also deters me from leaving the house or even having visitors over. But these things pass so I just tell myself to be patient and wait. By the way, am I the only new mom that finds it hard to remember to eat? I do try and scarf down nutritious food when I remember but it’s the remembering that gets me. But, enough about me.

Last Friday, my daughter turned two years old. It is really hard to see your babies grow up and in those first couple of years, the changes FLY past. It really doesn’t feel like two years have passed since I brought her home with me after having to leave her in the hospital an extra night to treat the jaundice. But forget the past, let me tell you about now. Daughter is breathaking in more ways than one. She’s insanely gorgeous with these eyes that burn your heart and she has these ringlets in her hair that are as spunky as she is. But that’s not all. Daughter is absolutely fearless. She climbs things without hesitation and jumps off things with pure joy on her face. She runs and somersaults and does whatever else she pleases without a second thought to consequences. She is also full blown two as far as the terrible part goes. Daughter has her temper tantrum process down pat. She gets mad about something and starts yelling and crying and then lays herself on the floor and turns so that her legs are in reach of anything and starts kicking all while screaming and crying. It is insanely methodical. It is also an extremely common occrurence happening no less than 10 times in one day. Daughter is also a joker. She loves to play and laugh and make everyone else laugh. She adores her big brother and shadows him constantly. Whatever he does, Daughter has to do– and then some. She is tender with her new lttlebrother and is particularly taken with his very soft hair. She loves monkeys. And when it comes to TV, the only things that hold her attention are animal shows, Dora the Explorer, and Elmo on Sesame Street. She is the littlest one at her daycare but runs the show and her teachers there constantly admit how much they spoil her. She is insanely affectionate and not shy. She loves to cuddle with us and gives us kisses. She is the little girl that kisses EVERYONE goodbye at a party. She’s amazing. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.


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